Reduction in Redundancies for Doctors

The application provides quick searchable access to medical resources including UMHS phone numbers, paging system, Just The Facts reference manual, and Antimicrobial Guide.

I provided some programming but mostly was outstripped for speed by the full CS majors in the group. So instead I provided numerous mock-ups, button/icon alternatives, and other visual elements that led up to the final. I pushed for us to consider alternatives for showing the information (how would they scroll through the data, as pages, visuals that looked like paper, or simple scrolling) and what icons would be most memorable/understandable.

Part of the process was interviewing the clients multiple times, and pushing for different concepts for the visual schema, even though there was a generalized concept already in place. While clients often have an image in mind of what they want the final product to be, getting them to consider other concepts along the way opens up potential design routes that may be improvements over the original design.

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