Multiple Iterations And Continual Work

I originally started with a very simple Wordpress portfolio. Through steps, development of knowledge, and repeatedly interviewing people on what they liked, wanted changed, and wanted improved, I've gotten to the point you see now. I often simply view the portfolios as an excuse to learn something new (html and css with my first hand-built one, Bootsrap and more advanced Javascript with the current one.)

Much of the processes I've learned in SI worked towards this goal. Graphic design, interviewing those whom it would connect with most, iterative changes with repeat talks about what the flow through process are, and even survey's to a degree.

Joyride Joyride

I also know there are still issues. It is currently best viewed in Chrome and Safari on a Mac. Firefox mostly works but lacks at times. Explorer has the most issues. With the current form of Bootstrap it is best on a laptop or tablet, and sorta works on a smart phone. I'd ask if you're viewing this on a smartphone, check it out on a'll be much happier!

Print Portfolios Inspiring Interactive Ones

I'm also including two examples of printed portfolios I've gone through. My general determination is that these are a waste of time now, in that it is better to work on an interactive and alterable web portfolio. Their work though inspired this final form and the act of making them taught me valuable lessons about negative/positive space, layout, typography, and general graphic concepts.