Why Can't Data Escape the Screen?

This was the final assignment in our data manipulation course at the school of information. I worked with three other group members and we had the simple concept of taking weather data and pushing it to a physical object. Phillips came out with tri-color LED lightbulbs recently, that are controllable by a JSON message packet. While there are many weather applications that exist, why not make a more real-world physical object that displays data?

While this was primarily a data course (we're using python to learn ways of gathering larger amounts of data) I followed some of the concepts I've learned in relation to HCI for the final project. We had to determine different ways in which to portray the weather data shown (Is it enough to show a change in intensity to show temperature? Or is color needed? Can you understand a weather pattern just from simple color and light changes?)

The most challenging part was coming up with 42 different weather patterns that would only be shown through a change in light, intensity, and pattern. Flurries versus flurries and sleet versus heavy snow....much of weather falls into the feelings of 'blue' and 'slow' with only a few weather displays being truly active or differently colored (at least according to Yahoo's Weather site.)

If you want to see the code made for this project, check out the github