Contextual Inquiry Research and Methods

My team conducted interviews with the MCIT ECS group at the University of Michgian, as they were active in their work environment. The aim of these interviews was to shed light on how information flowed throughout the organization with a focus on the recording, dissemination, and maintenance of policies and procedures. Following each interview, our team would assemble to share the interview data. The shared field notes and synthesized interview data were organized into affinity diagrams. These notes allowed us to construct a variety of models to visualize the various forces at play within the organization and is just one of the examples of UX research I've performed while at the University of Michigan.

Data Coordination - When we started meeting as an organization, I worked as the data coordinator. I've become adept with the Google Suite of document sharing tools and knew how to quickly get the group sharing information, coordinating our calenders, and finding wasy to collaborate on the final documents at the same time. This ended up being a stress free course largely because we set up our schedules, communication flow, and document creation at the beginning.

Final Recommendations - Our final presentation was given to the client liaison and our recommendations were well-received. According to our client liaison, our findings matched well with some of the organizational problems that they suspected, and that some of them were going to be implemented as soon as possible.

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